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How Many Calories in Strawberry? Is it Low or High? Uncover

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2018)

Strawberry CaloriesStrawberry calories are important for maintaining the body cell, muscles, brain, as well as body fitness. It is important to know how many calories in a strawberry has because to take a healthy diet information about the amount of protein is much important.

Strawberry is a healthy fruit for the human body. For your day to day life health chart, strawberry must need. One Strawberry contains 25 grams weighs 3 cm in diameter. Strawberry has a high amount of Vitamin-C that is a powerful nutrition of natural antioxidant. Strawberry has oxygen radical absorbance capacity that maximizes the strength of antioxidant. Vitamin-A helps people to work against Oxygen-derived free radicals. Strawberry contains vitamin-A, it gives the strength of various diseases protection. Strawberry calories refresh human body blood from various fatal diseases. So human should need to learn about how many Calories in a Strawberry contains in order to take the appropriate amount of calories for body fitness.

How many Calories in Strawberry?

Actually, the strawberry contains a large number of calories that is not thinkable. The functions are so much higher and effective for the body functions. Calories of strawberry are varying in different food types, sizes, and items. In a single strawberry contains 4 calories. One cup of halves strawberry contains 49 calories. Different size strawberry contains different amount of calories. The size isn’t fact because these are so much health and a high source of protein for the body. There are other fruits which carry the same amount of calorie. I wish to say about calories in watermelon. Every 100g watermelon provides 30 calories and 100g gram strawberry provides 33g calories. But if mention banana then everything will fall behind banana if you don’t believe just only hit on how much calories in a banana? A simple strawberry can serve you some potential elements that your body must seek for the long term. You can get the entire effective element for a long time at the body. A short package is given by the strawberry after getting it you must please.

Variation of Strawberry Calories

Food types and size Calories amount Size
Extra small Strawberry 1 calories 0.6 inch
Small Strawberry 2 calories 0.8 inch
Medium Strawberry 4 calories 1 inch
Large Strawberry 6 calories 1.38 inch
Extra Large Strawberry 9calories 1.56 inch
1 cup halvesStrawberry 49 calories 1 cup
1 cup sliced strawberry 53 calories 1 cup

Strawberry Nutrition Facts

Strawberry is sweet, aromatic fiber-rich fruits that enable human to take vitamins and antioxidants. People always want to know that how many calories in strawberry. But they should know how many nutrition carries strawberry? It tells about the total combination of vitamin, mineral, potassium, fiber etc. It is easy to collect all the nutrition that human needs. You can get the strawberry nutrition at a lower cost than other fruits. Strawberry also contains much amount of potassium that is important for body cell. The strawberry must give the high-quality protein for your body functions. At the same time, it can able to achieve some effected body functions for a long time. A patient needs it to digest their food within very short time. You can take the frozen strawberry from your near market. People can watch strawberry nutrition facts chart for taking the appropriate nutrition from Strawberry.Calories in Strawberry

How Many Nutrition Should You Eat Every Day?

Types of nutrition Quantity if nutrition Benefits of nutrition
Potassium 4,700 milligrams per day
Vitamin C 75 milligrams per day Vitamin-C reduces the chance of cancer, blood presser etc.
Fiber 25 grams per day Fiber protects the heart diseases. It also reduces the risk of diabetes. Strawberry provide some quantity of fiber that needs to take the heart clear.
Calories 2250 calories per day The human body needs more than 2000 calories per day. One strawberry serves 4-6 calories. you take a huge amount of calories from the Strawberry.
Protein 50 grams per day Protein help to make the body muscles. It also makes the body skin smooth. Protein also contains an amino acid that is important for human health.
Vitamin B-6 5 milligrams per day One Strawberry contains minimum 5% of Vitamin-B. Vitamin-B helps to make the brain clear, smooth, fresh.
Calcium 1,000 milligrams per day Calcium is helpful for making the bone health. Strawberry provides much calcium to make the better bone.

Strawberry Nutrition- for 1 Cup Halves

Strawberry nutrition facts Amount Strawberry nutrition facts Amount
Calories 49 Potassium 235 mg
Fat 600mg Total Carbs 14000mg
Monounsaturated 100mg Dietary Fiber 3000mg
Polyunsaturated 300mg Sugars 6000mg
Saturated Fat 0 mg Protein 1500mg
Trans 0 mg Dietary Fiber 500mg
Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 1500 mg

Strawberry vitamins containing percentage- for 1 cup halves 

Vitamin types Percentage of vitamin
Vitamin A 0.7 %
Vitamin B-12 0.0 %
Vitamin B-6 4.8 %
Vitamin C 143.6 %
Vitamin D 0.0 %
Vitamin E 1.2 %
Calcium 2.4 %
Folate 7.8 %
Magnesium 3.6 %
Manganese 21.0 %
Iron 3.4 %
Copper 3.5 %

Strawberry Benefits

Strawberry Protein

Strawberry contains more protein than other types of fruits. The protein quantity of strawberry determines from various sources of food items. Actually, the size isn’t perfect for any types of food. The foods size can be changed but a full matured food can give the best quality of matured protein to the body functions. In a middle size, Strawberry contains 80-milligram protein. The protein and the size of strawberry basis mention below.

Strawberry Protein Fact

Whole strawberry size Proteins volume in milligram
Extra small Strawberry 40 mg
Small Strawberry 50mg
Medium Strawberry 80mg
Large Strawberry 120mg
Extra Large Strawberry 180mg
half cup halves Strawberry 510mg
1 cup halvesStrawberry 1020 mg

Protein Amount in Sliced Strawberry

A portion of cup Proteins quantity in milligram
A half cup of sliced Strawberry 560 mg
One cup of sliced Strawberry 1120 gm

 Other Types of Strawberries (1 cup serving)

Types of Strawberry Proteins quantity ( in milligram)
Canned Strawberries 1420 mg
Canned Unsweetened Strawberries 1090 mg
Frozen Unsweetened Strawberries 960 mg
Frozen Strawberries with sugar 1330 mg

Strawberry with CreamIs Strawberry Good for You?

Strawberry is the best fruits for you to control harmful oxidants, blood presser, brain stress, the chance of cancer. So everybody should take many strawberries to take a healthy life. Already we have known strawberry contains vitamin-C, mineral, fiber, calories, protein etc. All this nutrition protects the human body from fatal diseases. Strawberry reduces your diabetes possibility. Strawberry also carries a lot of phytonutrients that protect our body cell from bacteria attack. Antioxidants reduce the risk of cancer attack; strawberry has a lot of antioxidants. Finally, it is clear that strawberry is good for you. You can have some other best health beneficial fruits to take more benefits. So you should take strawberry in your daily meal.

Health Benefits of Strawberries

The human body needs calories for body fitness. To manage our calorie level with strawberry we should know how many calories in a strawberry has. Then he can take the appropriate portion of nutrition. The main Benefits of Strawberry is to protect human eye, brain, relief from high blood presser, and various dangerous diseases.

The Key benefits of the strawberry calories are to protect eye problem. Eye problem is increasing with age as well as the lack of nutrition. Harmful oxidants kill the useful bacteria, causes substantial damage to human eyes. Strawberry is helpful to protect eyes because it has potassium, which defends harmful oxidants. Strawberry also makes the immune system for the human body. This immune system is helpful to defense against harmful diseases, infection and microbial action. Vitamin- C makes the immune system in human body. Strawberry contains much Vitamin-C than mother fruits.

Vitamin-C also reduces the chance of cancer. Due to natural premature damage to your brain. Also, free radicals damage your brain earlier. Strawberry calorie makes the brain stronger much by the free radical.

Strawberry sodium also reduces the high blood presser. Sodium reduces hypertension that is the main fact of high blood presser. Sodium helps to flow the blood in a different part of the body frequently.

Strawberry reduces the heart problem with the help of fiber, folate, and antioxidants. The man antioxidant of strawberry is vitamin-C. This Vitamin-C helps to reduce the cholesterol in your body. Becoming the less cholesterol, you can keep your heart danger free. Some strawberry items contain vitamin-B. This vitamin-B strengthens the human muscles that led to performing batter functioning of the human heart.

Health benefits of strawberry are found in every stage of human body fitness. Strawberry protects, rearrange useful bacteria carefully.

Strawberry Protein

 Carbs in Strawberry

Strawberry is the best choice of the people for a lot of calories, Vitamin-C etc. Also strawberry serves low-carbs diet for the human body.

Size and Quantity of Strawberry Volume of Carbs in milligram
Extra small Strawberry 420 mg
Small size Strawberry 450mg
Medium size Strawberry 720mg
Large size Strawberry 980mg
Extra Large Strawberry 1570mg
half cup halvesStrawberry 4340mg
1 cup halvesStrawberry 8680 mg
1 cup frozen strawberry 20180 mg
1 cup sweetened strawberry 59000mg

Different Types of Strawberry Meal and Carbs

1 cup Berries 8490 mg carbs
1 cup Strawberry Juice 18300 mg carbs
Half cup Strawberry Topping 111000 mg carbs
1 cup sliced strawberry 10000 mg carbs
Half cup sliced strawberry 5000 mg carbs
1 Strawberry Sundae 446600 mg carbs
1 medium Strawberry Shake 695600 mg carbs
1 cup Strawberry Ice Cream 352300 mg carbs


Strawberry Meal Plan

You can make your meal plan according to the meal period of a day. You can split your whole day by four times such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Pre-Workout. Make a plan for your meal that can maintain your required calories. Strawberry benefits are much than other fruits types. So rearrange your daily meal according to the strawberry quantity.


It is good to take four strawberries to the breakfast. Each strawberry provides 6 calories. so you will get 24 calories from four strawberries in the breakfast. Also, you can take 480 proteins from four strawberries.


You can take 10 milligrams Vitamin-C from a strawberry at launch time. In your launch time, you eat 8 strawberries that provide 48 calories that maintain your required calories. At this time, you may choose some heavy food with it. It must give you more pleasure for a long time in a day. Some food will serve you more calories and higher effectiveness at the body functions.


When you start your work, eat few strawberries that provide required calories, protein. Strawberry maintains your mental stress; give extra energy to serve your work quickly. 7-8 strawberry can able to boost your current memory. So it is necessary to take strawberry before your work. You may also take one cup sliced strawberry which contains 53 calories. It is enough to boost your memory, also enhance your instant energy.


The total required amount of the calories serves Strawberry Calories. In dinner time you eat at least two strawberries that provide 12 calories. Whole days you can take 75 required calories from strawberry.

Benefits of a Protein Rich Diet

Strawberry JellyTo take a rich diet, protein plays a vital role. How many proteins should a person take per day, determine by watching the person’s body structure? Protein can control the human body weight. If a person can increase his body weight, can take more protein from strawberry. It is the time of taking protein also important for the healthy diet.

It is easy to control human body weight by following the protein amount. Protein also satiates you for longer: high protein diet helps you to lose weight much faster. A person can stronger his muscles by taking much protein. Protein increase the hair color, make skin smooth as well. Protein is known as a macronutrient, which is helpful to take the best energy from strawberry for the body fitness. It increases the human memory, thought, idea, physical condition etc. A high protein diet helps you decrease your body fat, promote weight loss, and reduce your chance of heart diseases.

It is not easy to take proper protein per day because it is much expensive. But strawberry is not highly expensive fruits. It is much lower prices than other fruits.

Different Types of Food are made by Strawberry

  • Dream Cake
  • ice cream
  • Tarts
  • Chicken Salad
  • Strawberry Vinaigrette Salad Dressing
  • Sugar-Free Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Sugar-Free Strawberry Jam
  • Strawberry Lemonade Layer Cake
  • Soy and dairy protein shake
  • Strawberry Ripe Protein Bars

All these above foods provide much protein, calories, fiber, nutrition, Vitamin-C etc.


At the present time, modern science ensures that strawberry is the great option to take the perfect healthy diet. Just six-eight strawberry help you to control heart problem, cancer diseases, skin problem, reduce blood presser etc. By eating strawberry on a regular basis, you can able to increase the blood level of folate, fiber quantity, high level of phytonutrients than those who do not take strawberry regular. If you take strawberry regular basis, you will able to boost your memory within seven days. Strawberry contains potassium which is important for bone health.

How Many Calories in Strawberry? Is it Low or High? Uncover
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