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How many Calories in Banana and How Effective Banana for Health?

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

How Many Calories-In Banana

A banana is a healthy food for a human body. Basically, we know that banana contains all the necessary elements for the body fitness. A single Banana is a useful source of the energy and protein. Almost we search for how many calories in Banana? to know the perfect amount of calories and nutrition of banana. Banana contains the calories, nutrition, fats, carbohydrates, sugars etc. Banana also carries the vitamin C. It has enough multivitamin for women and men health. It is a tasty fruit for all types of people. It makes a healthy and stronger body. So let’s know the essential activities to be healthy with banana’s calories.


How Many Calories Carry a Banana?

Food Weight Calories Size
Small banana 101 grams 75 calories 6-7 inches
Extra Small Banana 81 grams 90 calories less than 6inches
Medium Banana 120 grams 105 calories 7-8 inches
Large Banana 135 grams 120 calories 8-9 inches
Extra Large Banana 150 grams or more 135 calories 9 inches or longer

How many Calories Should You Eat?

You must determine the calories needs of your daily food. Sometimes people want to lose healthy weight. Sometimes people want to increase their weight. In this cases, calories help to do this. Her first step to determine your goal. There is the level of determining your goal.

First one is estimated your calorie level. Every food product contains calories like a banana. One medium-sized banana contains 90 calories. you need to estimate your body weight. Then count your calorie amount. You can estimate calories by the following formula. Get an average calorie is 2500-2880 a day. You take your body weight multiply it by 14-16.

The second one is adjusting your specific goal. Here you should adjust your goal. You can lose your weight. At the present time, you should consume 25% calories below the patronage stage. You take about 2000 calories daily. You get 600-800 calories in 5 bananas. So we can say banana assist you to make weight loss. Also, you want to build your muscles. In this time, you need take 250-300 extra calories to build muscles. You need to take 2800-3000 calories per day to build muscles. This is the ideal rate of taking calories.

Different Parts of the Banana

It has different parts. Each banana has some common part, size, peel etc. The different part of a banana mention below.

Let’s go for knowing about the Banana peel. It is the outside part of a banana. It is the protection part of a banana. Banana peel contains some features. People use the banana peel for the daily purpose. The banana peel uses for the skin designs problem.

The bark makes the banana paper. The unused fruits use for making the banana fiber.

You know that use as a Chocolate flavor. For making different kinds of chocolate banana usees. The children can eat the banana chocolate. As Children get chocolate so their needed calorie full from banana automatically.

Actions of Calories in Different Parts of the Banana

It is known to all, banana is the common types of food in human food habits. Calories in a Banana includes are 135 calories in a single part of a banana. In a different part of banana calories different contains. The most common calories of a banana are fat, carbohydrates, sugar fiber etc. In a yellow banana, fruits curve the fritters, bread, cheeps, various other types of nutrition product. By consuming banana regularly, you can build your body fitness fast. Banana Calories vary in the different size of a banana. Its Calories also vary as for their weight basis.

How much Protein does Banana Contain?

A banana contains much protein for the human body. The main source of the protein for the body comes from the banana. The protein measurement of a banana is given below.

Banana Size  Protein per banana  Riboflavin Vitamin C Iron
Small banana 1 grams of protein .08 mg 7 mg .2 mg
Extra Small Banana 1.2 grams of protein .05 mg 7.5 mg 0.15 mg
Medium Banana 1.5 grams of protein 0.1 mg 9 mg 0.3 mg
Large Banana 2 grams of protein 0.22 mg 9.5 mg 0.4 mg
Extra Large Banana 2.5grams of protein 0.3 mg 10 mg 0.5 mg



Benefits of a Protein Rich Diet

The Ingredients of Banana makes the human health strong. People can diet basically taking the banana food calories. it is easy to eat. Banana also transport all over the world. There is no destruction to take the banana. For dieting the human body, the banana helps to take the appropriate nutrition. The nutrition of a human needs for diet is given below. Protein helps to take diet control.

How many Calories in Banana are Found in the Cavendish Bananas?

Cavendish bananas are very old age banana. It is found on the market in 1834. Cavendish bananas contain different nutrition. In a Cavendish banana contains 120g calories. It conation iron, Vitamin-C protein etc. A man can know. Then the man can effortlessly consume the banana and this type of products regularly.

Calories in Banana

Banana Facts

More than five billion bananas are taken every day form the UK. In America, a person takes more than 10kg in each year. Banana is the most common food for daily life. Banana is the important food product in the morning breakfast. The banana tree regards as the largest herb. An average sized banana contains 90 calories. The banana skin uses for polishing the shoes. Banana is an important product for the human needed calories. Banana nutrition facts help to take control of diseases.

Benefits of Banana

There is no doubt that Banana is a superfood. It takes all types of man. Banana contains more calories than an apple. Banana contains many important nutrients. We take or portion, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium and carbs from the banana. Banana reduces the blood sugar problem. Unripe banana contains resistant starch. The resistant starch helps to control the blood sugar. Banana may improve the lifestyle. It also improves the health style. It contains the two types of fiber. One is pectin. Other on is resistant starch. Those are effective to save from disease. It also supports the human heart to control from unhealthy. The human heart is a vital part. Banana Juice can give you huge protein as a meal replacement or protein shake for weight loss

People get enough potassium from the banana. The potassium reduces the chances of a heart problem. In the UK, banana removes 27% heart problem. Magnesium is also helpful to reduce the heart problem. Banana nutrition facts provide enough energy. Banana contains dopamine antioxidants also. It reduces the risk of the disease. Banana contains antioxidants. The fruit may help to improve the insulin sensitivity. Only 15-25 grams of banana resistant starch help to improve the insulin sensitivity. Banana also improve the kidney health problem. The potassium removes the kidney diseases. Banana helps to take the proper exercise.

How many Carbs of Banana?

You should know how many carbs of Banana needs your healthy diet. Banana has more than 202kj calories. banana has total fact 0.2 gram. Sodium one present plus. Protein 0.6 gram. Calcium has 2.7 gram. Potassium has 195mg. The carbs of a banana mention below. Banana carbs make the human mode. It takes the heart clear. Banana makes the quick energy in your working fields.

Carbs in Banana Mention Here

Banana  Carbs ( grams)
Medium size banana 22
Large size manana 39
Average size banana 17.5
Banana milkshake 0

Why does Banana perfect for Health?

Banana makes the health strongest with extra energy. People need quick energy for making the job. The banana provides enough energy to produce working ability. Banana controls the blood sugar problem and saves your heart. The potassium of banana will protect the human body mulches. Banana stimulus the progress of bacteria. The dangerous bacteria kill the human valuable ingredient. It normalizes the blood presser. Banana’s power kills harmful bacteria. Banana makes the human body stomach. It repairs the broken stomach in your working condition. It protects from the corrosive gastric acids. Health benefits of banana spread all stage of society.


Calories In Ripe Banana




Banana Nutrition Facts

Energy 371 g Segue 22.85 g Fat .33 g Protein 1.05 g Vitamins-B 1 g Vitamins-C 9 g
Choline 10 mg Iron 0.25 mg Zinc 0.20 mg Sodium 1 mg Mang 0.28 mg Water 75 80 g

The Amount of Nutrition a Human Being Needs Daily

Nutrient Quantity Per Day
Energy 8700 kilojoules
Protein 50 grams
Fat 70 grams
Saturated Fatty Acids 24 grams
Carbohydrates 310 grams
Sugars 90 grams
Sodium (salt) 2.3 grams
Dietary Fibre 30 grams

Here banana serves the requirement nutrition of daily healthy diet. One medium-sized banana contains 90-gram calories. A large size banana contains 9 harm protein. Banana contains sugar, salt, fiber, fat etc. elements.

Positive Side of Banana

In the world, it has widely consumed the product. Banana reduces the risk of cancer. The positive side of the banana mention below.

Health Benefits of Banana Banana reduces the blood presser. The vital element s of banana is potassium. Potassium is helpful to tackle the blood presser. The banana mineral is important for maintaining the fluid level of the body. I a large size banana has 480 milligrams of potassium.
Banana’s Nutrition Benefits The banana provides a variety of nutrition. Banana has protein 1g, iron 3g, riboflavin .1mg, Vitamin-C 9 mg. An adult person can take 4700-milligram potassium from banana per day.
Help to Diet Control Banana makes the human body muscles. The important question is how many calories in Banana has to take diet? It helps to take proper diet. In the summer season or any hot situation, banana controls the body temperature.
Reduce Risk  Banana helps to control the human heart diseases possibility. it reduces the death risk.  The banana potassium increases the human body blood. That is helpful for refining the human heart. Banana also improves the human migraines. The banana fiber can strong the human stomach.

Negative Side of Banana

Caloric value Banana has more than 125 calories. Eating this extra calorie may increase your weight. Extra calories also increase your fat. In the short time, you may become fatty.
Shelf Stability Banana has lower Shelf Stability. Your compare banana with other fruits. You may find the result about the Shelf Stability of banana. You can store banana in refrigerator less than six days. After six days it becomes poor stability power.

Different Types of Food by Banana

Banana ice-cream is the most popular types of banana food. People eat the banana ice-cream all time. Banana chocolate is also popular types of banana foods. One-piece banana chocolate contains more than 200g calories. In Creamy Cucumber Chive Cups contains 15 calories.

Calories in one Cup Creamy Banana Chive Cups
0.5 g fat 35 mg sodium 3 g carbohydrates 1 g fiber 1 g protein Total  12 calories

The calories are the important fact for the human body. A person can take a banana for the weight loss. Banana keeps the body strong at the same time build strong muscles. The banana skin part is helpful for solving the skin problem.  A banana provides a healthy dinner for every night. People can take enough calories at a lower cost. You can take more than 300 calories in your busy morning from a few bananas. So people should take enough protein and calories that contain in the banana foods. Banana calories reduce your death chance risk.

How many Calories in Banana and How Effective Banana for Health?
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